Permits are sold according to the schedule listed below:

Full year, beginning 9/6: $242.00

Three quarters of year, beginning  11/14: $182.00

Second half of year, beginning 1/23/23: $121.00

Last quarter, beginning 4/3/23: $60.00


Parking permit applications are to be submitted online or in the main office.  Click here to access parking rules. Click here to access parking permit form. Click here to get instructions to pay online.  Please note there is a place for both student and parent to electronically sign the form.

Payment for the permits can be submitted 2 ways:
  1. Separate transaction via Campus Parent using credit/debit card, checking or savings account (service charge applies)
  2. Cash or check in the main office beginning August 22

Once application has been submitted and payment has been received, beginning August 22, students need to stop in the main office to show their driver's license and pick up the parking  tag for their vehicle.

For students who only drive occasionally, there is an option to purchase a daily parking pass for $5/per day in the main office when they arrive at school.