College/Career Resource Center

Chanhassen and Chaska High Schools each have a College/Career Resource Center (CRC) for 9-12 grade students to EXPLORE, DREAM, and DISCOVER their future plans.  The CRC is a part of the Counseling Department and each CRC has a full-time staff that specifically assists and supports each student with career and college exploration, admissions process/applications, financial aid, and scholarships so that each student has their best chance for success whether it be a 4-year school, 2-year school, military, directly to the workforce, a GAP Year, or any other choice.  We meet with students and families as both are an important part of the decision making process.  It’s all about finding the best fit for each individual student!

College/Career Resource Center Counselor

Cassidy Capriglione, MSW, LGSW

CRC Hours: 7:30am – 3:00pm | MONDAY - FRIDAY

College Representatives: Please use RepVisits to schedule college visits.


Recorded Presentations

College & Career Preparation

Each year students should take the classes that are exciting and challenging. Be involved in school or community activities you enjoy and consider working or volunteering to create a strong resume. Remember, it's important to not over do it. It is better to have experiences that are of value to you. 

Click here to find out your Graduation Requirements based on your graduation year. Please keep in mind, if you plan to attend a college or university, they have their own admissions requirements which may or may not match with CNS's Graduation Requirements.

Minnesota Career Information System

The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) is an Internet-based system that combines a wealth of career, educational and labor market information into one comprehensive, easy-to-use exploration tool.

Click on the image to find helpful videos that show you how to navigate MCIS with ease!

Counseling Team

Spruce House
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DeeAnn Eickhoff
Counselor A-E
Paige Lepak
Counselor Rj-Z
Chad Mattson
Pine House
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Susan Schmidt
Counselor F-K
Melissa Loomer
Counselor L-Ri
Lori Ask




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