Attendance Information

If a student misses school because of the reasons listed in the Attendance Policy, a parent or guardian must notify their child’s House Office (See below) by phone (preferred) or by written message upon the student’s return to school. Please call your child’s House Office by 10:30 a.m. on the day of the absence.

The student who was authorized by a parent’s phone message on the day of the absence may report directly to his/her first period class upon return to school. The student who is authorized by written message upon his/her return to school must report to his/her House Office for an admit slip before going to class.

Prearranged absences should be communicated to the teacher for college visits, family trips, court appearances, and other absences for which the student has prior knowledge. A parent or guardian should notify the school at least three school days in advance of the scheduled absence so that a prearranged absence form will be initiated by the student to have signed by their teachers and Counselor. Students will be expected to find out what work will be missed and to make arrangements with their teachers for making up missed assignments.

Please note that 18 year-old students who are independent students as defined by section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code are required to abide by CNHS attendance rules and regulations.

Suspensions are excused absences and students will be permitted to complete make-up work for missed classes. Students will be released through the activities office for athletic and extracurricular activities.


We have updated our procedures for sending out letters to parents/guardians if a student has reached three, six and nine absences in a semester. The school will no longer be sending out letters when students reach three absences in a class. Parents/guardians will receive an email if a student reaches six absences in a class. An attendance report will be included in this email and we encourage you to call your student’s house office with any questions. If an email address is not available to us, a letter will be mailed home. If a student reaches nine absences in one class, the grade-level dean will be mailing home a letter with an attendance report. We have made these changes for several reasons, primarily clearer communication and cost savings. If your email address has changed, please contact Betty Johnson at 952-556-3505 to update it. This change in practice does not impact the verification phone calls you may have received in the past from our house offices. Those phone calls will continue. If a student needs to leave the building for a scheduled appointment, the parent or guardian should call the House Office, or send a note with the student, indicating the time for the student’s release. The student should then pick up a pass to leave the building from the House Office. When a student returns to school, he/she must report back to the House Office for an admit slip to class.


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