Chemical Awareness & Prevention

Chaska and Chanhassen high schools offer confidential chemical health counseling with Dorothy Clark-Miles, MS and Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counselor.  Ms.Clark-Miles will meet with all students & athletes who have received a chemical violation.  In addition, students can be referred to her due to concerns from a parent, school staff, coaches or self-referral. If the student is in need of more intensive services, she will provide referrals and resources for additional supports.

About Dorothy:

I am an advisor for a club called CAP (Chemical Awareness & Prevention)   This is a group of student leaders at both Chaska & Chanhassen High School who are attempting to live & model a chemical free lifestyle all through their high school careers.

  • We target all 8th graders in our three middle schools & speak on a health panel in their personal wellness classes.
  • We have various promotions throughout the year to encourage students to be chemically free – especially before holidays, spring break, prom etc.
  • We sponsor an annual Halloween dance at Chanhassen called Sober Spookfest.  We donate our profits to local charities.
  • Upon request, we give presentations in classes or for parents

Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counselor (Master's Degree)

Dorothy Clark-Miles


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