Students at Chanhassen Make A Commitment To Others and Themselves

Please join or make a pledge to an event on Dec. 30 supporting St. Jude’s patients

During the “20-Minute Break” period at Chanhassen High School, students usually take time to relax, eat a snack, and talk with their friends. But recently they were provided an opportunity to add a bit of happiness for a child hospitalized at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Over 100 students at the school took the time to make a bead bracelet for a patient at St. Jude’s, as well as one for themselves as a pledge to a live a healthy lifestyle.

The activity was led by three Chanhassen Students: Chloe Duffing, Melissa Parker, and Emma Graves. These seniors set up bead-bracelet supplies prior to the 20-minute break period, and invited students to join once the bell rang. Students made a bracelet to donate, wrote a note of encouragement, and then made a matching one for themselves. By wearing this matching bracelet, students remind themselves that they are blessed with the opportunity to live a healthy life, and they should take advantage of it. As St. Jude’s tagline says, “Give thanks to the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not.”

It’s easy for today’s teens to get caught up in daily stress and busy schedules. This simple, fun activity allowed them to take a step back and do something truly important. “It’s a part of our school culture to look for ways to help each other, and we want that culture to extend beyond the walls of our school,” said Emma Graves, a member of the group leading the activity. St. Jude’s creates a culture that is warm and welcoming for its patients. The hospital helps the kids celebrate holidays by dressing up, and they also put on a “prom” for the patients. Staff at St. Jude’s is ecstatic about these bracelets, as kids will want to wear them for the prom. Jack Goggins, a junior at the school, told us, “I made my bracelet knowing that a kid will be able to look down at his/her wrist and know that there is hope, and that someone’s there to support them even though they may be a stranger.”

Chanhassen students are not done yet. On December 30th, the student-leaders will organize Ride For A Reason, an indoor-cycling event hosted at Life Time Fitness. Students and community members are encouraged to join, and information regarding registration will be released mid-december. Participants will be given a link to share with their family and friends to get pledge donations for the event. The more participants cycle, the more money they will raise for St. Jude’s. “There’s a lot we can’t control in our lives,” Chloe Duffing said, “so we just have to focus on controlling what we can. Making good choices with our lifestyles is something that we can control.”